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This is a ONE OF A KIND collection, with items that you will literally NEVER find anywhere else...because these are the only ones that exist.
Mad Balls are/were the perfect embodiment of the 80's "gross" aesthetic - a real FUCK YOU to the status quo of the time, of preppy baby boomer fuckery. Piecing this collection together would cost you thousands..and be impossible. In this collection, you get:

- 6 unopened original Madballs (2 from 1985, 4 from later)
- 2 out of package original madballs - oculus, and the rare footbal
- 2 sets of 1985 madball knee-pads
- 3 of the rare 1985 argentinian vending machine, smaller MadBalls
- rare 1985 cup and mug set
- 2 extremely rare Madballs knock offs
- 1 original VHS Madballs movie
- 3 12 inch had painted vinyl record madballs renderings - ONE OF A KIND