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Produced By: UNJUST
Release Date: 02/19/2016


1.) “Time Tunnel”
2.) “We Get it Poppin’ f/ Guilty Simpson”
3.) “Jump” f/ Opio (Souls of Mischief)
4.) “WWYS” f/ Charles “Chop” Cooper (Chosen F3W)
5.) “Caveman” f/ Phesto (Souls of Mischief)
6.) “Black Rap” f/ Cold Showda (Chosen F3W)


7.) “So Profound”
8.) “WWYS Reprise” f/ Charles “Chop” Cooper (Chosen F3W)
9.) “Mistakes” f/ Saafir
10.) “Déjà vu” f/ Mike Marhsall
11.) “GAMR”

“Neaux Mursi”--- a hard-rock relentless delivery of the lost realness

Huh? How? Whoa. I know this is what you’re thinking. This epic collaboration between two of hip-hops most respected legends from different sides of the country came about somewhat via chance; intention and a mutual connection. Both are widely acclaimed and known as your favorite rappers favorite rapper and are known for their unforgiving hard edge and complex lyrics.

One afternoon, Detroit Hip-Hop Legend Phat Kat, was on the phone with long time friend and collaborator, Unjust, (Hieroglyphics Imperium producer) who shared that he had been working on some tracks with iconic Hieroglyphics Crew and West Coast pioneer Casual. Kat lamented “man…how ill would it be if we did a project together?” This left the rest to Unjust and the stars began to align. Unjust handpicked some choice beats of his, sent them to Kat and Casual and within a few short weeks, this insanely powerful body of work was complete; and it sounds exactly how you think it would---relentless, urgent, mean, honest and gritty.

Just as organically as the project happened, so to did the guest appearances. Fellow Hieroglyphics members Opio and Phesto eagerly contributed, as well as fellow “Detroit Royalty” Guilty Simpson and Chosen F3Ws Cold Showda. The most interesting and somewhat unlikely feature, however, came from Saafir. Any hip-hop historian has heard Casual and Saafir’s infamous lyrical brawl from 1994 that featured both emcees and their respective crews (Hieroglyphics & Hobo Junction) tear up the airwaves of Sway & Tech’s The Wake Up Show. “Mistakes” is the first ever song with Casual and Saafir on the same track since that battle took place over two-decades ago.

Ron Jon Bovi – Neaux Mursi is Casual and Phat Kat’s debut full-length group album and it’s produced in its entirety by the Oakland based, Hieroglyphics Imperium producer Unjust; who you already know from his work with First Light (Opio and Pep Love), and the recent Hiero group effort, The Kitchen, and turns in by far his most ambitious production work to date for Neaux Mursi.

Ron Jon Bovi’s Neaux Mursi album will be released on 2-19-16 (pre-orders are available on 1-8-16 via iTunes) and it will be available at all digital retailers (including a deluxe edition), 12’ LP and a limited edition red colored vinyl.

Today, the duo have released the projects lead-single “Time-Tunnel”.
Ron Jon Bovi will be embarking on a European and US tour as well (tour dates to follow soon).